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The Gallery was commissioned by Macquarie Centre, one of Sydney's largest and most successful shopping centres, to create a suite of photographic assets to be used across the entirety of the centre's marketing and communications projects and campaigns. The library of work included a mix of location and studio photography to be used as a foundation for major promotions including Christmas, Australia Day, Valentines Day, Easter and Gift Giving. We were responsible for concept development, talent sourcing, location sourcing, producing, art direction, styling and retouching.

MCQ_Seasonal Fresh Food 3
MCQ_Seasonal Fresh Food 4
MCQ_Seasonal Fresh Food 2
MCQ_Seasonal Fresh Food 1
MCQ_Gifting & Campaigns 2
MCQ_Gifting & Campaigns 9
MCQ_Gifting & Campaigns 3
MCQ_Gifting & Campaigns 1
MCQ_Seasonal Campaign 2
MCQ_Seasonal Campaign 1
MCQ_Seasonal Campaign 9
MCQ_Seasonal Campaign 4
MCQ_Seasonal Campaign 7
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MCQ_Seasonal Campaign 3
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